We fight to survive, fight to live, never-ending fight to create. Fighting & training are the keywords in this design, a hard day at work followed by sleep knocking at the door, the fight for creativity was about to start.

Famed for having one of the most aggressive styles in UK Muay Thai, Liam Harrison is notorious for his powerful left hook and devastating low kick. With 8 world titles and a record of 115 fights 87 win 48 KO, Liam has been number 1 in the UK rankings since the age of 17 and widely regarded as the best Muay Thai fighter to ever come out of the UK.

This is the Result.
For this project a custom monogram was made, along with customized lettering. Banners, icons, and unique brushes where crafted to bring out the unique style.  
Several mock-ups where also included in this project to guide the client on 
Changes where made to the colors to match previous branding color scheme.
Keep Fighting
Thank you

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